Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Al Rajhi Bank Personal Financing December 2014

Elit Segment - Rate 6.50%p.a (flat rate)
Salary RM15,000.00 and above
Max Financing RM200k
Max Tenure 7 years
No guarantor.
Max DSR 75%

Supreme Segment - Rate 7.50%p.a (flat rate)
Salary RM10,001.00 and above
Max Financing RM150k
Max Tenure 7 years
No guarantor.
Max DSR 75%

Premier Segment - Rate 8.25% p.a (flat rate)
Salary RM5,000 to RM10,000.00
Max Financing RM80k
Max Tenure 5 Years
No guarantor
Max DSR 70%

Selected & Youth Segment - Rate 8.99% p.a (flat rate)
Open to Oil & Gas Company , GLC, MNC, PLC & Bankers Staff Only
Min Salary RM2,000 to 4,999
Max Financing RM50k
Max tenure 5 years
No guarantor
Max DSR 60%-70%

To apply or any inquiry please call 0172121978
or email


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